Jump4Heroes undertake a variety of projects to help raise awareness for the military charities that we support.  In doing so we aim to push the limits of what we, as a team and individuals, can do but also that of human flight and what we (humanity) see as being possible.
We've set world records for the most number of BASE jumps in 24 hours, been apprehended by armed police when we were mistaken for UFOs, BASE jumped in wingsuits from the infamous north face of the Eiger and skydived as Santa to give presents to the kids of those deployed in Afghanistan over Christmas.  
We've genuinely questioned ourselves during our journey and now see life in a totally different light.  We're not crazy risk-taking adrenaline junkies but instead minimise risk to an acceptable level, operating at the top of our sport in a safe and professional manner.
Please click through some of our projects for a flavour of the diversity, action, adventure and pure insanity of what we do.
To see videos of some of our extreme projects then please visit our YouTube channel